Starkey Evolv AI

Technology level: 2400
Design: Battery
Color: Champagne
1.890 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Charger or 60 Batteries
High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
5 Adjustments included

Starkey Evolv AI


With the Evolv AI, Starkey aims to make good hearing even more effortless. This is to be realized primarily through increasing automation. The device is available in numerous designs, as a battery or rechargeable version, and in five different technology levels. Below is an overview of the features you can expect to find in the Evolv AI:

  • Edge Mode - Edge Mode adjusts your hearing aid to the given listening environments. This ensures optimized hearing even in very challenging situations.
  • Fall Warning - The Evolv AI can detect falls and summon help. When a fall has been detected, up to three selected contacts will be notified.
  • Reminder function - Set reminders with this function and never forget to take medication or make important appointments again.
  • Connectivity - The Evolv AI can connect wirelessly with Android and iOS devices.
  • Privacy - The Evlolv AI marks the first time Starkey has offered a hands-free feature. This allows you to make phone calls entirely through your hearing aid - which then acts as both a microphone and speaker.

Starkey Evolv AI Accessories

  • Remote Microphone - Use this additional microphone for better understanding in noisy environments, as a telecoil, headset, or for streaming.
  • Advanced Remote - Conveniently adjust the volume and program of your hearing aid with this handy remote control.
  • TV Adapter - Connect your hearing aids to your TV using the adapter and never miss a thing from your favorite movie!
  • Mini Turbo Charger - Charge your hearing aids up to four times on the go with this portable charging station.

Find more Starkey accessories here.


Thrive App


In the Thrive app, on the one hand, the classic settings, such as volume and program selection, can be made. In addition, numerous other useful functions are integrated. The Thrive app informs you about your daily physical activity and gives important information about hearing health topics. The aforementioned features for reminders and fall alerts are also managed in the app. Lastly, TeleHear is available in the app - through this you can get support from your hearing care professional without leaving the comfort of your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Martin Arzberger

Everything Super 👍

Heinz Eibisberger
Good device

Highly recommended in terms of price. First-class support.

Highly recommended hearing aid provider

Nach Probetragen eines Premium Hörgerät bei einem bekannten Hörakustiger
habe ich mich hier für MySecondEar entschieden und bei nahezu gleichem Service
und freundlicher Beratung für das gleiche Hörgerät vom Preis mehr als das 2fache
Vielen Dank!

Guido Wunsch
My first hearing aid

Nach einer Beratung beim örtlichen Hörakustiker habe ich dort ein STARKEY LIVIO AI 1000 zum Probe tragen erhalten. Schnell musste ich feststellen, dass diese einfache Technikstufe für mich als Musiker nicht geeignet ist. Bei Starkey wollte ich aber bleiben und fragte nach dem Preis für die Technikstufe 2000. Das Angebot dafür lag bei 4.200.- € für 2 Geräte, ein stolzer Preis.
Nach Recherchen im Internet bin ich dann auf MySecondEar gestoßen. Dort habe ich schnell ein Angebot angefordert und siehe da, es war über € 1.000.- günstiger als das vom örtlichen Akustiker. Nach einem sehr freundlichen Telefonat mit Fr. Saric war ich schnell überzeugt, dass MySecondEar, besonders wegen dem Service vor Ort, der richtige Partner für mich ist. Da im Moment ein EVOLV AI 2400 im Angebot und sofort verfügbar war, habe ich mich dann für diese Stufe entschieden.
With the Berlin branch, an adjustment appointment was then arranged at very short notice with Ms. Moni Vu. The conversation and the adjustments with her were extremely friendly, she was patient and very competent. Everything convinced me completely, thank you very much for that.

Peter Franz

Everything fine

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