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Oticon Jet IdO

Technology level: 1
Design: Battery
Color: Beige
890 €
Price per ear
Hearing Aids side: Both

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:


Charger or 60 Batteries


High quality Cleaning Set


Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers


5 Adjustments included

Oticon Jet

The Oticon Jet gives you access to detailed hearing. The hearing aid covers the care of very mild to severe hearing losses to give you the clearest sound understanding in every case. The following functions make the Oticon Jet an effective everyday companion:

  • Velox platform - The Jet processes audio signals quickly using the Velox platform, which is 50 times faster than its predecessor. This technology enables directional, adaptive listening and significantly improves sound processing quality.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy - Compared to the classic Bluetooth version, Bluetooth Low Energy saves energy when using streaming functions. As a result, you can enjoy the sound output of podcasts, music or audio books directly via your hearing aids for an extended period of time.
  • Made for iPhone - The Made for iPhone technology allows direct streaming from iPhone, iPad or iPod via your Oticon Jet. If you have an Android device, you can connect it to the hearing aids via the Connect Clip and also use the streaming options.
  • Anti Feedback Technology - Prevent feedback before it even occurs - this is the goal of Anti Feedback Technology, which allows you to hug your loved ones without worrying about annoying whistling noises, for example.

Oticon ON app

Listening environments change just as quickly as personal listening preferences. You can use the Oitcon ON app to adjust the volume and program settings of your hearing aids to suit your preferences and the acoustic situation. Within the app, you can adjust the volume, select programs and also use the IFTT (If this then that) function. The latter establishes the connection to smart home products and notifies you via your hearing aids in the event of messages, such as the doorbell being pressed or the house alarm being activated. Finally, the Oticon ON app can be used to locate your hearing aid if it cannot be found.

Oticon Jet accessories

In order to meet any hearing requirement, it is advisable to purchase additional accessories. These useful aids support you in a wide variety of situations and always ensure the best possible speech intelligibility. Below you will find an overview of compatible accessories for the Oticon Jet:

  • EduMic - Whether in lectures or presentations, distance to the speaker can make it almost impossible to understand them. The EduMic is attached to the speaker's clothing and allows you to move freely around the room without any loss of speech comprehension.
  • TV adapter - With the TV adapter, watching TV is finally a pleasure again! You can hear the sound of the TV program directly through your hearing aids, while the rest of the audience can adjust the volume to their own preferences.
  • ConnectClip - Android device users need a Connect Clip to stream through their hearing aids. As a result, the Clip enables you to listen to music, podcasts and audio books as well as clearly audible phone calls.
  • Remote Control - To change the volume and program settings of your hearing aids, you can also use this subtle remote control instead of the Oticon ON app. Adjusting the hearing settings improves your sound experience adaptively to the acoustic environment.
  • Phone Adapter - You can use the Phone Adapter to make calls via your landline phone, even if it does not have a Bluetooth function. During the call, you can be within a radius of 15 meters from your phone, and you can also answer and end the call via the adapter.

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