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Humantechnik VC-10 Vibration Alarm Clock - A-3135-0

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Humantechnik VC-10 Vibration Alarm Clock

The Humantechnik VC-10 is a small analog alarm clock, but it can definitely compete with the big ones thanks to its strong vibration pad. Like all Humantechnik alarm clocks, it is very well made and not very prone to interference. All controls are easy to feel and very simple to set. Here, the user manual is really superfluous.

And so it works:

Simply set the time as usual with a simple dial on the back of the alarm clock, select the alarm time and place the vibration pillow under the pillow. Already it is ready. At the set alarm time, strong vibration pulses will wake you up from deep sleep. At the same time, a simple acoustic alarm signal will sound. If the alarm clock is not turned off, it proves to be quite patient with 40 minutes of wake-up time. And if you want to sleep a little longer, just press the snooze button.

Optionally, you can connect the following components to the Humantechnik Vibration Alarm Clock VC-10:

  • the Humantechnik vibration cushion (included)
  • or the Humantechnik flash module (can be ordered separately)
  • or the Humantechnik Acoustic Module (can be ordered separately)

It is particularly worth mentioning that this alarm clock is exclusively battery operated. All those who try to have as few electrical devices as possible in their sleeping area will greatly appreciate this fact. So will those who are always one outlet short anyway.


  • The affordable alternative to other vibration alarm clocks
  • strong vibration pad
  • Possibility to connect a signal generator
  • analog reliable quartz alarm clock
  • Easy to use with tactile controls
  • alarm repeat
  • acoustic alarm signal
  • Wake-up signal by vibration pulses
  • Dial illumination can be switched on via snooze button
  • independent of the mains through battery operation

Technical data:

Vibration alarm clock VC-10:

  • Dimensions: 85 × 120 × 50 mm
  • Weight: 170 g
  • Color: white
  • Power supply: 1x AA 1.5V

Vibration pad:

  • Dimensions: 30 × 85 × 85 mm
  • Weight: 118 g
  • Power supply: 3x AA 1.5V AA
  • Cable length to alarm clock: 2 meters

Included in delivery:

  • 1x Humantechnik vibration alarm clock VC-10
  • 1x Humantechnik vibration pad
  • 1x Instruction Manual


Humantechnik provides a 24-month warranty (excluding batteries and accumulators) to the end user. The warranty service includes free repair and free return shipping. The warranty is void in case of damage caused by improper handling and repair attempts by persons not authorized by Humantechnik (violation of the device seal).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Helga Hertel

Humantechnik VC-10 Vibration alarm clock - A-3135-0

Jouni Järvinen

Humantechnik VC-10 Vibration alarm clock - A-3135-0

Meike Welke
Alarm clock

He is already hooking the buttons.

Hajriz Topalaj

Very good with pleasure

Erika Feilen
The new alarm clock with pillow

The new alarm clock runs very well , pillow works too. Hopefully this alarm clock will last a little longer. A good Erfin dung for very hard of hearing. Thank you fast delivery. Again and again.

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