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Hörluchs SOWEI AQUA - The splash water protection

Adapted splash water protection made of silicone. Recommended for children with tympanic tubes or people with problems with water in the ear canal. Ideal for bathing, showering and swimming, no troublesome water in the ear canal.

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The SOWEI AQUA hearing luch is a custom-made splash guard made of silicone, ideal for people with sensitive ear canal or for children with tympanostomy tubes. Individually manufactured according to the personal ear impression, the SOWEI AQUA reliably prevents water from entering the ears. It provides secure protection against wind, water and cold.

The soft material ensures a very light and comfortable fit and makes the custom splash protection from Hörluchs a pleasant companion for swimming, showering and bathing. Thanks to the earmold, the Hörluchs SOWEI AQUA is adapted extremely precisely to every ear and every ear canal shape. The hearing louche SOWEI AQUA is also available as SOWEI AQUA JUNIOR, which is made for children or people with particularly small ear canals.


  • Reliable protection with custom fit and soft material
  • Maximum comfort and tightness, even during fast movements
  • Comfortable to wear, no annoying pressure feeling
  • Floatable (35 Shore)
  • Highest accuracy of fit
  • Long lasting (4-6 years)
  • Safe hold in the ear
  • Grip recess for easy handling
  • High skin tolerance due to biocompatible material
  • Connected with cord on request

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