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Hadeo Cleaning Concentrate

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The Hadeo cleaning concentrate for optimal care

The Hadeo cleaning concentrate contains concentrated cleaning liquid and is used for optimal care of the Receivers of your Hearing Aids.

The cleaning concentrate is best used with the Hadeo cleaning can. The concentrate provides a pleasant freshness and a thorough cleanliness of your earmolds. Please note that the product is not suitable for in-the-ear Hearing Aids

To ensure optimal functionality of your Hearing Aids, you should clean your Receivers regularly. So you also prevent inflammation in your ear canal. 

We recommend a cleaning bath. For this purpose, the cleaning fluid from Hadeo is ideal. Thus, your Receivers are reliably cleaned and Earwax residues are dissolved.

Application instructions for a cleaning bath of your Receivers

  • First, disconnect the sound tube from your behind-the-ear Hearing Aid.
  • Then mix the cleaning concentrate with water in a ratio of 1 : 5. Use warm water for this purpose.
  • Then you put your Receivers for at least 15 minutes in the cleaning liquid. For this, the Hadeo cleaning canis particularly suitable.
  • You can also leave your Receivers longer in the water bath. However, make sure they don't spend more than two hours there.
  • It is recommended to clean your Receivers at least once a week. If necessary, you can of course also shorten the cleaning intervals.
  • After cleaning, you should dry the earmolds well. The remaining liquid in the in the sound tube you must necessarily blow out.
  • For this purpose, the Hadeo Air Blower is very good. A blow through with the mouth is not enough..
  • Often liquid remains in the sound tube. This can cause the speakers of your Hearing Aids to be affected. In addition, the transmission can be disturbed by it.  
  • For hygienic reasons, you should replace the cleaning fluid after each operation.

Characteristics of the cleaning fluid

  • You can dilute the liquid according to the instructions for use.
  • It is very economical and thus allows you multiple applications. 
  • The concentrate is recommended for regular use.

Scope of supply of the care product

  • 1x Hadeo Cleaning Concentrate
  • 100-ml content, equivalent to 600 ml of cleaning liquid

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Milosava Strobl
quick delivery to Austria

well packed, fast shipping, fair postage

Mario Markgraf

Hadeo Cleaning Concentrate

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