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Bernafon miniFit RITE Receiver

Side: Left
Thickness: 60
Length: 1
69 €
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Bernafon miniFit Receiver for Hearing Aids

Bernafon miniFit RITE Receivers stand for excellent sound quality and very low feedback tendency. Their small design promises maximum wearing comfort and the thin cables are so flexible and bendable that they are hardly noticeable when worn.

The Receivers should be replaced if they have become soiled with Earwax or damp after prolonged wear. A defective Receiver will cause distortion and muffled volume. The reproduced speech can no longer be understood well. However, before replacing the complete Receiver, first remove the small filter that sits in the Receiver outlet and check again whether your Hearing Aid now works again. Often, only the small ProWax miniFit filter is clogged.

Bernafon miniFit Receivers are suitable for the following "Rite" Bernafon Hearing Aids suitable:

  • Bernafon Alpha
  • Bernafon Zerena
  • Bernafon Viron
  • Bernafon Nevara RITE
  • Bernafon Juna ITE
  • Bernafon Saphira RITE

Bernafon Receivers are available in three different gain levels:

MoiniFit Receiver type 60:

The "Type 60" Receiver accommodates mild to moderate hearing losses of up to 60 dB. It is the smallest in the product line. With its curved, rectangular shape, it is extremely snug and therefore comfortable to wear.

MiniFit Receiver type 85:

For moderate to severe hearing losses, the "Type 85" Receiver has a fitting range for hearing losses up to 85 dB. The Receiver unit provides impressive sound quality without annoying distortion and unwanted whistling.

MiniFit Receiver Type 100:

Users who require high gain benefit from the advantages of the "Type 100" Receiver with a fitting range for hearing losses up to 100 dB. 

Please note:

Changing the Receiver type will change the sound characteristics of your Hearing Aid. This should be taken into account when programming the Hearing Aid. Ask your hearing care professional which Receiver type you have been using or which Receiver type is appropriate for your hearing loss.


  • MiniFit RITE Receiver for Bernafon Hearing Aids
  • High sound quality in the smallest design
  • Barely visible connection cable to the Hearing Aid
  • Variable cable lengths for optimal fitting
  • Reduced feedback tendency

Technical specifications:

  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Matching Domes: Bernafon MiniFit Domes
  • Matching wax protection: ProWax MiniFit

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Bernafon MiniFit Receiver

International warranty

Bernafon provides a 6-month limited international warranty on materials and workmanship, beginning on the date of shipment. This limited warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship on the Receiver itself. This limited warranty does NOT apply to problems resulting from improper handling or care, excessive use, accidents, repairs by unauthorized personnel, contact with corrosive environments, physical alterations to your ear, foreign objects entering the Receiver, or incorrect settings. These problems may void the warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wolfgang Dörzbach

I am very satisfied with the service so far and can recommend you!

Artur Pagenhardt
Very satisfied

I can only say positive, in the first few weeks, friendly competent, what more could you want.

Herbert Obex

Bernafon miniFit RITE Receiver

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