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Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter - BE1420

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Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter - BE1420

The Bellman Push Button Transmitter is part of the Visit Smart Home System, which notifies you of various events in your home.

The push button transmitter works like a wireless doorbell.

When pressed, it sends a signal to a Visit receiver, such as the Visit pager, wristband receiver or Bellman table lamp.

This then informs you with a flashing light, sound signal and/or vibration.

It can also be used as a wearable personal alarm to notify loved ones or caregivers that you need help.


  • Flexible use (doorbell or paging).
  • Customizable signal (individual alarm for each door)
  • Adjustable channels (allows multiple systems in one area)
  • Reliable transmission
  • Long operating time (up to 2 years with standard batteries)
  • HMV-Nummer:

Technical data:

  • Height: 66mm
  • Width: 48mm
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Weight: 50g

Included in delivery:

  • 1x Bellman & Symfon Visit key transmitter (BE1420)
  • 1x 6V battery
  • 1x lanyard with safety lock
  • 1x double-sided adhesive tape
  • 1x screws and dowels
  • 1x instruction manual

To operate a signal system, you need at least one Bellman Visit transmitter and one Visit receiver!

If you have a moderately severe hearing loss, it is also possible to apply to your health insurance company for coverage.

For this purpose, each product has an HMV number for submission to your health insurance company.

If you need assistance or a quote, please contact us.

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