Remote digital fitting procedure

Teleaudiology is the most convenient way for you to hear well. It only takes a few steps:

  1. We consult with them over the phone and you search our website to find the perfect hearing aids for your needs and budget.
  2. If available, send us a copy of a recent hearing test of yours, either by mail or conveniently as a scan by email.
  3. Our audiology experts will adjust the hearing aids to fit your hearing curve, and we'll mail them to you.
  4. You download an app from the manufacturer of your hearing aids and connect it to your smartphone. It's easy and we'll explain how it works.
  5. You make an appointment for a remote fitting with one of our master hearing care professionals. At the appointment, you see your hearing care professional on the smartphone screen and share your hearing impressions. He/she will adjust the hearing aids according to your needs directly during the conversation - just as if you were sitting together in person.
  6. You are also welcome to visit us in one of our branches in your region. On this occasion, we can also take ear impressions, if needed, to create custom ear molds for you. With our modern equipment on site, we can also perform an expert hearing test, if you do not already have one.

Remote fitting - can I do it too?

Provided you have an Internet connection and a compatible smartphone, the answer to this is clearly yes! Basically, remote fitting differs from on-site fitting only in that your hearing care professional is not at the usual distance of 1 to 2 meters from you. However, it is still a face-to-face consultation, which provides the opportunity for direct feedback and asking questions.

Advantages of remote fitting

A remote fitting sounds unthinkable to many hearing aid users at first. There are fears of qualitative disadvantages or the need for technical knowledge. But quite the opposite is true: digital remote fitting is technically equivalent, requires only basic use of your smartphone, and also offers a number of advantages over on-site fitting:

  1. You can have your hearing aids fitted again and again as needed from the time of purchase over a period of 6 years, without having to make an extra visit to a specialist store. This can be useful, for example, if your hearing changes.
  2. If there are different situations in which you would like to understand better, we can make adjustments together in different places. For example, we adjusted teachers' hearing aids while you were standing in front of their class in the classroom. Or we tune in at your weekly get-together, or while watching TV with the family, or, or, or ... The possibilities are endless. The only condition is a working Internet access.
  3. If you are around vacation or traveling and have a problem with your hearing aids, we can also help you on the road.
  4. Corona has taught us that sometimes personal contact is not possible. This can also be the case if you are sick and want to optimize your hearing situation at the same time. Thanks to teleaudiology, this is possible in any situation in life!

How do I book a remote fitting?

Remote fittings can be booked at any time here.

You are welcome to schedule a follow-up appointment directly with your hearing care professional at the end of each appointment to ensure long-term care from them.