Tinnitus Behandlung Hausmittel

Treat tinnitus with home remedies

A significant proportion of the population is affected by tinnitus. The causes, severity, course and treatment options therefore vary greatly between those affected. When it comes to treatment in particular, many people are faced with a big question mark and are desperately looking for symptom relief. In this article, you can find out whether home remedies are a suitable treatment method for tinnitus.

Home remedies for tinnitus

We always recommend a visit to the doctor, as tinnitus can indicate serious illnesses. However, there are some harmless home remedies that can be tested to relieve tinnitus.

Home remedy for tinnitus: onions

Onions are a common remedy for ear complaints due to their antibacterial effect. To use, the onions are chopped up and left to infuse in water. A few drops of the cooled decoction are placed in the ears to take effect.

Home remedy for tinnitus: apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also recommended for bacterial infestation of the ear. Two spoons of apple cider vinegar should be mixed with water and, if necessary, refined with a little honey. Drink the mixture twice a day.

Home remedy for tinnitus: ginger tea

Ginger promotes blood circulation and can therefore have a positive effect on tinnitus. Consume chewed, together with honey or as a tea (recommended intake: 3 cups a day)

Home remedy for tinnitus: turmeric

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and is associated with an anti-inflammatory effect. It can be taken as a tea or chewed

Home remedy for tinnitus: lavender oil

The relaxing effect of lavender can be used for stress-related tinnitus in particular. To use, regularly apply a little oil around the ears


Home remedy for tinnitus: dietary supplements

A deficiency of magnesium or zinc is associated with tinnitus. It can therefore be helpful to take these supplements. In addition, B12 is a good dietary supplement as it is associated with stress reduction.

Important: Taking dietary supplements does not replace a balanced diet and is only suitable for self-therapy to a limited extent. Consult a doctor to ensure that you are using them and pay attention to the quality of the preparations.

Home remedies for tinnitus: diet and exercise

A low-fat and low-salt diet and an active lifestyle not only lower blood pressure, but also help to reduce stress. Consequently, you can reduce tinnitus. Manual therapy and stretching exercises are also useful if the tinnitus is related to the cervical spine or the masticatory system.

How useful are home remedies for tinnitus?

Unfortunately, home remedies for treating tinnitus are only useful to a limited extent. In the case of infections or stress-related tinnitus, relief can certainly be achieved, but the effectiveness is generally not scientifically proven. As long as the cause of the tinnitus is unclear, self-treatment can only be carried out in an undirected manner and therefore remains a matter of luck.

It is not advisable to indiscriminately try out several home remedies at once and to regularly question whether the desired success has been achieved and whether the treatment makes sense. Check the recommendations of the German Society for ENT and Throat Surgery for current recommendations that are supported by conventional medicine.

Particular caution should be exercised when taking dietary supplements without a prior blood test. Incidentally, home remedies are not normally harmful in moderation and are therefore worth a try. However, the following also applies here: beware of interactions - ginger tea, for example, should only be consumed in moderation if you are pregnant.

To summarize, a clear recommendation can be made to have the causes of tinnitus clarified by a doctor and initially to refrain from aimless experimentation. It is essential to obtain precise information about home remedies, their use and potential dangers beforehand.