ReSound Hörgeräte: ReSound ONE | Erfahrungen & Test 2024

ReSound review

This video is about one of the best hearing aids from the manufacturer ReSound - the ReSound ONE. Niklas has already been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years and shares his experience with the ReSound ONE here.

Important: This is a subjective evaluation of his own wearing experience, which by no means must apply to every hearing aid user. If you need advice on hearing aid selection, please feel free to contact our hearing consultants.


The ReSound One features an additional integrated microphone - the M&rie earpiece - which sets it apart from its predecessors. The M&rie earpiece sits subtly in the ear, noises and sounds are mostly perceived by users through it, only in more difficult sound situations is recourse made to the microphones of the hearing device. The familiar function of a receiver-in-canal hearing aid remains, but the hearing aid adapts its sound as best as possible to the user's particular ear shape. The model's overriding goal is to imitate hearing as naturally as possible, so an open design was considered to avoid the "tunnel effect" (hollow sound when speaking). In addition, the ReSound ONE produces a sound that is based on the brain's natural processing of hearing.

The ReSound One allows you to keep your focus in noisy situations. For example, the street noise is perceived only muffled. Here, you should not be guided by the initial assumption that you hear worse, because contrastively, languages are highlighted very clearly. The related app allows additional adjustments and highlighting of the speech. Here, adjusting 'Speech Clarity' allows the speech to be emphasized even more. It should be noted, however, that dominant speakers are very present and are heard more strongly. But this too can be adjusted in the app by using the 'hear everyone' feature itself.

In the app, the uncomplicated connectivity via Bluetooth should be positively highlighted. Other useful functions of the application are answering calls or navigating directly via hearing device, whereby the volume can also be variably adjusted via app. Listening to music (with domes) also produces a solid sound and is thus satisfactory. Ultimately, it should be pointed out that the remote adjustment works one-way and feedback tests can also be performed.

Disadvantages of the ReSound One 9 M&rie are minor deficits when listening in reverberant rooms - here, other hearing aids have delivered better results. Another complaint is that whistling noises sometimes occur when manually readjusting loose earpieces, as well as when listening to loud music from over-ear headphones. The strong attenuation of background noise can also be perceived as unusual at first. Furthermore, the spatial perception needs improvement to increasingly avoid the highlighting of particularly dominant speakers.


In conclusion, it should be noted that the experience with the particular hearing aid may vary with the hearing sensation. There are several models available that are advisable depending on the severity of your hearing loss. Consultation and fitting of the device to your individual needs by our hearing care professionals is recommended.

ReSound accessories: enhanced user experience with additional features

Numerous additional features enhance the comfort of your hearing aid.

ReSound TV Streamer

With the ReSound TV Streamer 2, sound is transmitted directly to your hearing aid. This allows you to relax and watch TV without disturbing other members in the house

ReSound Remote

The ReSound Remote Control 2 allows you to make additional changes to the device. For example, to the volume or listening programs.

ReSound Phone Clip+

The ReSound Phone Clip+ is an additional microphone and provides better speech understanding in very complex listening situations.

Other ReSound hearing aids

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