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This video is about one of the best hearing aids from the manufacturer Phonak - the Phonak Audeo Paradise. Niklas has already been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years, and here he shares his experience with the Phonak Audeo Paradise.

Important: This is a subjective evaluation of his own wearing experience, which by no means must apply to every hearing aid user. If you need advice on hearing aid selection, please feel free to contact our hearing consultants.


Before wearing these hearing aids, I had Oticon hearing aids. However, the sound of Phonak hearing aids is a bit different, so it took me a day or two to get used to the sound. However, after two adjustments, which took about ten minutes total, the hearing aids adapted perfectly to my hearing loss.

In general, I had no complaints in using the hearing aids. Even in large rooms, as is the case here in the office, it can be a bit reverberant from time to time. But even in this complex situation, I had no trouble understanding people a little farther away. In social situations, such as restaurants or bars, the hearing aids also worked great. Speakers filtered out well and background noise was reduced. When I needed some more tutoring, it was relatively easy and quick to do via my iPhone.

The wind noise reduction also worked very well with the Active Vents. I had heard some wind noise from time to time with Domes in the past, but that was no longer a problem with the Active Vents. The Active Vent itself looks pretty unspectacular and normal at first glance. However, it is an intelligent listener that opens or closes depending on the listening situation. In louder situations, such as on a subway or in a restaurant, the vent is closed. In normal or quieter situations, however, it is open. This feature is especially useful for those who have moderate hearing loss, as an open vent allows them to hear more outside noise.

When the Active Vent is closed, music and phone conversations sound richer and fuller. However, when the Active Vent opens or closes, you hear a distinct noise. This noise can be annoying at first, but after a few days you get used to it.

The iPhone app of the Phonak Audeo Paradise is intuitive and simple in design, but connecting to the iPhone is unfortunately a bit more difficult than with Oticon hearing aids. Here you have to manually adjust the Bluetooth settings and connect the hearing aids. This is where I would like to see made for iPhone integration.

One of the positive aspects of the Phonak Audeo Paradise is the so-called "hands-free" calling. You can answer calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket and make calls directly through your hearing aids. The Tap Control feature is very handy, as you can answer calls with a double-tap on your ear or use Siri.

Overall, the Phonak Audeo Paradise is a hearing aid with many useful features that can improve hearing and make life easier.

Phonak accessories: enhanced user experience with additional features

Numerous additional features enhance the comfort of your hearing aid.

Phonak TV Connector

With the Phonak TV Connector, sound is transmitted directly to the hearing aid. This allows you to relax and watch TV without disturbing other members in the house.

Remote Control

The Phonak Remote Control allows you to make additional changes to the device. For example, to the volume or to the hearing programs.

Phonak Roger

The Roger accessory series provides better speech understanding in very complex listening situations. For example, the Roger Select can help you.

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