Oticon More Hörgeräte: Oticon More | Erfahrungen & Test 2024

Oticon testimonial

This video is about arguably the best hearing aid yet from the manufacturer Oticon - the Oticon More 1. Niklas has already been wearing hearing aids for more than 20 years and shares his experience with the Oticon More here.

Important: This is a subjective evaluation of his own wearing experience, which by no means must apply to every hearing aid user. If you need advice on hearing aid selection, please feel free to contact our hearing consultants.


The Oticon More 1 offers more in terms of speech understanding: Compared to the Oticon Opn S 1, reverberant rooms and environments no longer jeopardize speech understanding. The device is also convincing in social situations. It should be noted here that there is no strong focus on dominant speakers, which creates a natural speech understanding. However, depending on taste, the noise suppression and speech focus could be more pronounced in loud environments.

Outstanding positively are the transitions between listening situations. The Oticon More 1 automatically and quickly adapts to the changing environment, effortlessly creating a natural listening experience. Furthermore, Niklas finds the More 1 to be one of the best hearing aids in terms of wind noise and driving wind suppression (e.g., when cycling). The fitting process was also convincing: after just one fitting, the devices were optimally adjusted to his hearing needs.


The Oticon More 1 is made for iPhone - after a little more involved pairing, Bluetooth connectivity between iPhone and hearing aid works flawlessly and quickly as a result. Once the smartphone is connected, remote fitting can be performed using the app, although a hearing test is not yet possible in this way. Niklas awards a final plus point to the More 1's very good workmanship and durability.

What needs improvement, besides weaker voice focus and noise cancellation in social situations, is the choice of charging options. The classic charging station, as well as the Smart Charger, leave you wishing for a more mobile charger due to their large size.

Generally, the Oticon More is very compelling, making it one of the top hearing aids currently available on the market. For more information, as well as all prices on the Oticon More 1, please here!

Oticon accessories: enhanced user experience with additional features

Numerous additional features enhance the comfort of your hearing aid.

Oticon TV Adapter

With the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0, sound is transmitted directly to your hearing aid. This allows you to relax and watch TV without disturbing other members in the house.

Oticon Remote Control

The Oticon Remote Control 3.0 allows you to make additional changes to the device. For example, to the volume or to the listening programs.

Oticon Connectclip

The Oticon Connectclip is an additional microphone and ensures better speech understanding in very complex listening situations.

Other Oticon hearing aids

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