Kopfhörer für Hörgeräteträger: Hörgeräte und Kopfhörer - geht das?

Hearing aids and headphones - is that possible?

Headphones have become an integral part of most people's lives. But what happens if you are diagnosed with hearing loss and are prescribed a hearing aid? You don't have to give up listening to music. In this article, you can find out what options there are for wearing hearing aids and headphones together.

Headphones for hearing aid wearers: Can you wear headphones with a hearing aid?

The question of whether headphones can be worn despite hearing aids needs to be considered in a differentiated way. If you wear an IdO hearing aid, the search for headphones is relatively simple. Whether IIC, CIC or classic ITE - as a rule, on-ear or over-ear headphones fit over all these models.

In the case of a BTE or RIC hearing aid, over-ear headphones are best suited. For RIC and RITE models, particularly large headphones should be used, as the headphones could be distracting if they do not fit completely over the microphone. This is because the hearing aids could potentially pick up external noise. Care should also be taken to ensure that the hearing aid microphone is at a sufficient distance from the headphone speaker to avoid possible feedback.

Finally, it is advisable to test different headphones with regard to your individual preferences. The search can therefore take a while and vary in difficulty depending on the model.

Using hearing aids as headphones

If you want to avoid the headphone search, you can also opt for a modern hearing aid with Bluetooth and streaming function. These hearing aids can be used as a headphone replacement and some offer special music programs that allow you to perfect your listening experience. This saves you having to buy additional headphones and you can enjoy music, podcasts and navigation directly via the output of your hearing aids.

Headphones with hearing aid function

We often hear the reverse conclusion that headphones can be used as hearing aids and thus take over the functions of both devices. Apple in particular has a relatively wide range of useful functions when it comes to hearing functions. However, the headphones do not replace a medical hearing aid. You can find out more about using AirPods as a hearing aid replacement here.