ICP Hörgeräte: Anwendungsgebiete, Voraussetzungen & Kosten

Workplaces with high noise exposure require mandatory wearing of hearing protection. For hearing impaired persons, however, the wearing of hearing aids under the protective equipment is prohibited for reasons of hearing protection. However, if the hearing aid is removed, new dangers arise, such as the lack of perception of warning signals or spoken words. One solution to the resulting dilemma: ICP hearing aids.

ICP hearing aids application areas

ICP hearing aids are primarily used to protect the hearing of hearing-impaired people in workplaces with high noise exposure and equally high safety requirements. For jobs like these, personal protective equipment in the form of hearing protection is mandatory. However, hearing-impaired employees are not permitted to wear conventional hearing aids under their hearing protection. The reason for this is that a risk to hearing cannot be ruled out when hearing aids and hearing protection are worn together. Thus, in order to both protect the hearing of the worker and meet safety requirements, the use of ICP hearing aids is taking place.

Prerequisites of hearing protective hearing aids

ICP stands for Insulating Communication Plastic and describes the function of hearing aids: they insulate ambient noise, but at the same time ensure that warning signals and speech remain audible. A basic requirement for ensuring hearing protection while allowing speech intelligibility is selective amplification of selected frequencies. In addition, a workplace program must be established that prevents sound amplification to hearing-damaging levels and includes a clear separation of speech and background noise.

ICP hearing aid cost

Costs incurred to obtain an ICP hearing aid for use in the workplace are covered by the Trade and Merchandise Logistics Employer's Liability Insurance Association if certain requirements are met. One basic requirement is that an occupational noise-induced hearing loss must already exist