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Hearing aid care

Hearing aid provision is an important topic, because optimal hearing aid provision can help people with hearing problems to better manage their everyday lives and improve their quality of life.

There are several ways that people in Germany can obtain hearing aids. First, there is the possibility of obtaining hearing aids through a statutory health insurance. The contractually regulated subsidies of the statutory German health insurance funds can amount to up to € 1,700.00 (including earmold) for a beidohrige supply. And is, if necessary, almost free for you*, if you want a hearing aid that only meets the requirements of the statutory health insurance.

(*Only the statutory co-payment of 10,00€ / hearing aid would be payable here in any case, if no exemption is available).

The medical criteria for the determination of hearing loss by an ear, nose and throat doctor in a private health insurance are the same as in the statutory health insurance. However, there are significant differences in the reimbursement amounts. These depend entirely on the individually agreed contracts between you as the insured person and your private health insurance. More details on the reimbursement amount can usually be found in your contract, on the insurance company's website or from your personal customer advisor at the respective health insurance company.

It is important for people with hearing problems to seek hearing aid care early, as early treatment can help preserve hearing for longer. In addition, hearing aids can help people with hearing problems participate better in social life and improve their quality of life.

In order to obtain the best hearing aid fitting, it is important that affected individuals keep themselves well informed and, if necessary, seek individual advice. There are now many different hearing aids on the market, which differ in their functions and prices. Therefore, it makes sense to seek advice from a hearing care professional or an ENT physician to find the hearing aid best suited to individual needs.

It is also important that hearing aids are checked and adjusted regularly to ensure optimal performance. This can be done by a hearing care professional, who is also available to answer any questions or address any concerns.

Another way to improve hearing aid care is to use hearing aid apps, which make it possible to control and adjust the hearing aid to individual needs via smartphone. The ability to network hearing aids together for better sound quality is also becoming more common.

Overall, it can be said that there are several ways to get hearing aids and improve hearing care. It is important to seek hearing aid care early and to do enough research to find the most appropriate hearing aid for individual needs. With the right hearing aid fitting, hearing can be preserved for longer and the quality of life of those affected can be greatly improved.