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    Zero rate hearing aids cash register models - The Oticon Jet

    Never before has it been possible to buy premium hearing aids for free - so this is an absolute novelty on the hearing aid market:

    At MySecondEar you have the opportunity to purchase the Oticon Jet for €0*! With the Oticon Jet, you get the successor to the famous Oticon Opn S hearing aids and therefore a promising device in terms of quality.

    Comparison of hearing aids at zero cost functions

    Features Oticon Jet Average cash register device
    Equalizer 8 channels 6 channels
    Smartphone pairing Yes No
    Bluetooth streaming Yes No
    Remote customization possible Yes No
    Design RIC (subtle) BTE (solid)

    The technical conditions and possibilities are changing rapidly these days. Phone calls, chat messages, emails, smart TVs and numerous apps are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. So why shouldn't your hearing aid also be adapted to the tchnical conditions?

    Oticon Jet hearing aids can be easily connected to everyday electronic devices via Bluetooth - so your hearing impairment no longer limits you in any area of life!

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    *MySecondEar hearing aids at zero cost: For members of statutory health insurance companies with entitlement to benefits and an ear doctor's prescription. Plus the statutory co-payment of €10 per hearing aid.