Hörgeräte testen: 30-Tage Rückgaberecht bei MySecondEar

Test hearing aids for free

In this article, you'll learn why you should take advantage of the opportunity to test hearing aids before you buy, how such a trial works at MySecondEar, the costs associated with the process, and which test devices we can provide.

Why should I try hearing aids?

A hearing aid is not a frivolous purchase - in financial as well as practical terms - so the choice of suitable equipment should be well considered. Only when you actually wear and test it out will you find out whether the functions of the hearing aid meet your needs and whether experience reports from other users are reflected in your case. Hearing is highly individual, so the right hearing aid for everyone may include something different. Thus, it is advisable to try out the hearing aids extensively in a test phase before making the final purchase. If you are satisfied with the hearing aids, you can then purchase them with a clear conscience and know exactly what you are getting.

How long can I try out the hearing aids?

To test the hearing aid, simply contact our MySecondEar team to communicate the device request as well as to make an appointment for the fitting. After receiving the hearing aids, the 30-day trial period begins, during which you can check the compatibility of the devices with your life in any situation. Finally, you will discuss your experience and opinion with one of our hearing consultants during a final consultation.

Where can I try hearing aids?

The devices are easily adjusted remotely in the comfort of your home by our hearing care professionals. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us at one of our modern specialty stores nationwide. After you have received the test devices by mail and made an appointment, one of our hearing care professionals will call you via your smartphone on the day of the appointment and perform the fitting together with you remotely. The exact procedure depends on the manufacturer of your test device, please refer to the flyer included in the test device package for more detailed information about remote fitting.

Is there a cost to me?

No, the testing of the hearing aids is completely free for you and also completely without obligation. MySecondEar stands for transparency, so there are no hidden costs for you!

Which hearing aids can I test at MySecondEar?

We work with all leading manufacturers, so we advise you completely independently. It may occasionally happen that hearing aid models are not available as a demo version. If this should be the case, our hearing consultants will of course make you aware of this.