Hörgeräte ohne Zuzahlung: Test & Erfahrungen

Hearing aids without additional payment test

Hearing aids are an important aid for people with hearing loss. Statutory health insurance companies cover up to €1,700 for hearing aids for both ears. However, there are also co-payment-free hearing aids that are fully covered by health insurance. This article explains the differences between hearing aids with and without co-payment to help you make the right decision.

Hearing aid allowance

In order to claim the health insurance subsidy, you must present what is known as an "ear doctor's prescription for a hearing aid" to a hearing aid acoustician. You will receive this prescription from your ear, nose and throat specialist when they diagnose your hearing loss.

The (initial) prescription is a prerequisite for your health insurance company to cover the costs and for any necessary approval procedure. There are over 1,000 hearing aid models on the German market, which differ significantly in terms of function, design and price. As a person with statutory health insurance, however, you can use hearing aids without a private co-payment and only have to pay the statutory co-payment of €10.00 per hearing aid.

Hearing aids without co-payment

In order to ensure appropriate performance for hearing aids without co-payment, the legislator has defined certain criteria that a hearing aid must meet even without co-payment. Such health insurance hearing aids must be both modern and digital. The minimum requirements for all hearing aids therefore include:

  • Digital technology
  • Omnidirectional and directional sound pick-up: 2 microphones ensure that the hearing aids can assume a directional effect
  • .
  • Multi-channel capability (at least six channels)
  • Adaptive feedback and noise suppression
  • At least three manually selectable/ alternatively automatic listening programs
  • Amplification power must match the hearing loss

Hearing aids with co-payment

Hearing aids with co-payment offer additional functions that are not available with co-payment-free hearing aids. These additional functions can be useful if you are in complex hearing situations and always want to have the latest technology built into your hearing aids. The following functions may be available in hearing aids with co-payment:

  • More adjustable channels: The more adjustable channels, the finer the hearing aids can be adjusted.
  • Battery: Rechargeable hearing aids have the advantage that you don't have to carry batteries with you all the time. You simply place the hearing aids in the charging station and can use them again the next morning
  • Situation recognition / automatic program: If you change the listening situation (e.g. subway), your hearing aids recognize the new situation and automatically adapt to the environment
  • Improved reverberation suppression


To summarize, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as to whether you should opt for hearing aids with or without co-payment. It depends on your individual situation and needs If you are in complex hearing situations and always want to have the latest technology built into your hearing aids, then hearing aids with co-payment probably make sense. If you have a quiet lifestyle, then hearing aids without a co-payment are also perfectly adequate.

Best hearing aid without co-payment

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Hearing advice at MySecondEar

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