Hörgeräte lauter stellen: So geht es!

Setting the volume of hearing aids: Here's how!

Modern hearing aids usually automatically adjust their volume to your surroundings. Quiet sounds are amplified to make them easier to hear. However, you can also manually adjust the volume of your hearing aids to best suit your needs. There are various ways to do this:

By "reaching behind the ear"

There is usually a volume control on the hearing aid itself in the form of a button or wheel. Depending on the specific settings that your hearing care professional has made for you, the buttons are programmed for volume or program changes. Your hearing care professional will discuss which buttons on your hearing aids have the volume adjustment function with you during the fitting process.

Classically, you increase the volume by pressing the top of the volume control or turning the wheel upwards. For better stabilization, it is advisable to support the hearing aid with your thumb and use your index finger to adjust the volume. In most cases, the volume change is accompanied by a signal tone, which also becomes quieter or louder. When the highest level is reached, a continuous tone indicates this


By remote control

Nowadays, the majority of well-known manufacturers offer remote controls with which you can change the settings of your hearing aids. In addition to changing programs, you can also adjust the volume at the touch of a button. The remote controls are clearly marked with "+" and "-", whereby "+" is used to increase the volume.

Per smartphone

Another option for adjusting the volume is offered by apps from the relevant hearing aid manufacturers for the smartphone. These can be used to make changes to the volume level by sliding or tapping. This option is particularly suitable for those with an affinity for technology, as there is no need to carry an additional device in the form of a remote control.

Note: Please note that the volume settings are reset when changing programs or switching the hearing aids off and on again.