Hörgeräte früher und heute: Geschichte der Hörgeräte

The evolution of hearing aids: From simple hearing aids to modern technology


When we think of technological advances, we usually think of smartphones, computers or cars. But there is a less noticed but equally fascinating development: that of hearing aids. The history of hearing aids is an exciting journey from simple acoustic aids to the cutting-edge devices of today.

The beginnings of hearing aids

Original solutions

The history of hearing aids begins long before modern technology. In the past, when there were no electronic devices, people used primitive methods to improve their hearing. These included metal or wooden ear trumpets, for example, which directed sound into the ear.

The first steps into the modern age

As technology advanced in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the first electric hearing aids began to be developed. However, these devices were large and cumbersome, often in the form of table-top devices, and were therefore not particularly practical for everyday use.

The revolution through electronics

Miniaturization and digitalization

A major breakthrough in the history of hearing aids was miniaturization and digitalization in the second half of the 20th century. The devices became smaller, more powerful and more user-friendly. This development made it possible to wear hearing aids directly in or behind the ear.

Modern technologies

Today, hearing aids are small marvels of technology. They can automatically adapt to different listening environments, connect to smartphones and offer a variety of functions that go far beyond simply amplifying sounds.

Hearing aids in the past and today

A comparison

The difference between early hearing aids and today's devices is enormous. In the past, hearing aids were conspicuous and stigmatizing, today they are small, almost invisible and technically highly developed

The change in society

With the development of hearing aids, society's perception has also changed. While hearing problems were often concealed in the past, it is now normal and accepted to wear hearing aids.


The development of hearing aids is an impressive example of how technology can improve people's lives. From simple ear trumpets to today's digital marvels, a lot has changed - for the better.


  1. When were the first hearing aids developed? The first hearing aids were developed in the 19th century, but the history of hearing aids goes back much further.

  2. How have hearing aids changed over time? They have gone from being large, conspicuous devices to small, almost invisible and technically advanced aids.

  3. Are modern hearing aids compatible with smartphones? Yes, many modern hearing aids can be connected to smartphones and offer additional functions.

  4. How has the perception of hearing aids changed in society? Often stigmatized in the past, hearing aids are now an accepted and normal part of life.

  5. Can today's hearing aids do more than just amplify sounds? Yes, they offer many functions such as automatic adaptation to environments and connection to other devices.