Hörgeräte finanzieren – Ein Leitfaden für kluge Entscheidungen

Introduction to financing hearing aids

Living with impaired hearing can be challenging, but modern hearing aids offer a significant improvement in quality of life. However, one of the biggest hurdles to purchasing a hearing aid is often the price. So how can you effectively manage the cost of a hearing aid? This article looks at various financing options and provides valuable tips to minimize the financial burden.

Why financing hearing aids is important

The cost of a high-quality hearing aid can quickly run into the thousands. This poses a financial challenge for many people. A flexible financing solution makes it possible to spread the cost over a longer period of time, making it easier to access these important devices.

Different financing models for hearing aids

Payment in installments directly with the hearing care professional

Many hearing aid acousticians offer installment payment models. This can be a convenient solution as you buy directly from the specialist and the process is simplified

Credits and loans for medical devices

Banks and financial institutions offer special loans for medical devices. It is worth comparing the conditions to find the best offer

Support from health insurance companies

Health insurance covers part of the cost of hearing aids. It is advisable to find out about possible subsidies from your own insurance company.

Tips for smart financing

Comparing is worthwhile

Not every financing offer is the same. A detailed comparison of the various options can help to reduce the overall costs.

Watch out for hidden costs

Some financing plans include hidden fees. Make sure you check all conditions carefully.

Flexible repayment plans

Look for offers with flexible repayment plans that adapt to your financial situation.


Financing hearing aids is an important step in gaining access to this life-changing technology. With the right planning and research, the cost of a hearing aid can be significantly reduced.


  1. Can I get financing from any hearing aid acoustician? Not all acousticians offer financing plans. It is advisable to contact various providers in advance.

  2. Do health insurance companies always cover part of the costs? This depends on the insurance company and the tariff. It is important to find out in advance.

  3. Are loans for medical equipment cheaper than normal loans? Banks often offer special conditions for medical equipment. However, a comparison is advisable.

  4. What should I consider when choosing a financing plan? Pay attention to total costs, interest rates, term and any hidden fees.

  5. Can I deduct the cost of a hearing aid from my tax bill? In some cases, the cost of a hearing aid can be deducted from tax. It is worth discussing this with a tax advisor.