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Hearing aids and hearing aid manufacturers from Germany

German hearing aids are an important part of the German hearing aid industry and have gained a good reputation for their quality and technology in recent years. There are hearing aid manufacturers in Germany that produce innovative and high-performance devices to meet the needs of hearing aid users

One of the most well-known German hearing aid manufacturers is Siemens. The company is one of the pioneers in the hearing healthcare industry, offering a wide range of hearing aids that can be adapted to different hearing loss types and degrees. Siemens hearing aids are particularly known for their high sound quality and intuitive operation. In 2015, Siemens hearing aids were sold to the Sivantos group of companies. The technology however, is still used today in, for example, Signia hearing aids.

Also a well-known hearing aid manufacturer from Germany is Audio Service. The company is located in Löhne, meanwhile the company exists for more than 40 years. The hearing aids distributed by this company are available in more than 30 countries around the world. Horst Peter Kühne is an acoustician and a specialist in hearing systems. In the late seventies he founded his company, which is now known as Audio Service. He founded Audio Service after learning a lot in America about the beneficial hearing aids that are placed directly in the ear. He then returned to Germany and founded Audio Service. Therefore, the company specialized in "in the ear devices" for the ears.

Also worth mentioning is the company Bernafon. Although it has its headquarters in Switzerland, however, the manufacture for in the ear hearing aids of Bernafon is located in Berlin. The company, which belongs to Demant Holding, offers hearing aids for all hearing loss types and degrees and places great emphasis on the development of innovative technologies. Bernafon hearing aids are especially known for their qualitative and delicate design.

In summary, Germany has a variety of hearing aid manufacturers that produce high-quality devices. These manufacturers offer hearing aids for all hearing loss types and degrees, and are constantly developing new technologies to improve the quality of life for hearing aid users. Some of the most well-known German hearing aid manufacturers are Siemens and Audio Service. They have all earned a reputation for quality and technology and are helping to make Germany an important location for the hearing care industry.