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CIC Hearing Aids: What are CIC hearing aids?

CIC stands for Completely In the Canal. It is a type of hearing aid that sits deep in the wearer's ear canal, making it almost completely hidden in the ear canal. These hearing aids are particularly small and unobtrusive, making them an attractive alternative to larger, visible hearing aids for many people.

CIC hearing aids are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. They consist of a housing that is inserted into the ear canal and a speaker that is positioned directly in front of the eardrum. The hearing aids are designed to pick up sound from the outside and deliver it directly to the eardrum to improve hearing.

CIC hearing aids offer a number of advantages over larger hearing aids. For example, they are less visible, making them more attractive to many people who are bothered by visible hearing aids. They also tend to be smaller and lighter than larger hearing aids, making them more comfortable to wear.

However, there are also some disadvantages to using CIC hearing aids. Because they sit deep in the ear canal, they can sometimes be more difficult to remove and clean. They can also be more difficult for some users to operate, as they typically have smaller control buttons.

Overall, CIC hearing aids are a good choice for people looking for a small, unobtrusive solution to their hearing problems. They offer good performance and are usually comfortable to wear. However, they should be carefully selected and fitted to ensure they fit perfectly and meet the user's needs.