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Whoever suspects a hearing loss or is already sure to need a hearing aid should in any case make use of a professional hearing consultation. However, the mass of different construction forms, functions and designs on the diverse hearing aid market can complicate the selection process. This is because not only does the question of the technically and visually desired features arise, but also that of the respectiveprices and health insurance subsidies.

Nevertheless - or even because of its complexity - the selection process is of paramount importance, as a suitable hearing aid can exert massive influence on your social and professional participation as well as your quality of life. However, determining your own needs is often more complicated than you think. A professional hearing consultation will guide you from the beginning through the process of needs analysis, selection, trial wearing and fitting to provide structure and clarity in the wide-ranging world of hearing aids. This way, you can always know you are in expert hands that will support you on the path to new hearing quality.

Hearing aid selection is as individual as you are!

Your hearing needs are as individual as your fingerprint. Personal factors such as social inclusion, technical sophistication, visual preferences and the degree of your hearing impairment play a crucial role in the selection process. The individuality in the hearing consultation to choose the right hearing aid for you is therefore indispensable! Only when your personal requirements and wishes are taken into account can the hearing aids do their job optimally. With professional expertise and interpersonal sensitivity, your hearing consultant will take all factors into account to provide you with targeted and personal advice.

Hearing Consultation & Hearing Aid Consultation as the Basis for Hearing Aid Selection

In the first step of the hearing consultation, everything revolves around your hearing needs, your hearing situation as well as your expectations in order to ensure the individuality described above. For this purpose, your hearing environment is recorded, for one thing: Do you often spend time in noisy environments? Do you do a lot of sports? What is your professional and social involvement like? Also asked arepersonal expectations: in what areas is the hearing aid particularly important to you? Do you plan to listen to music with it? Based on this information, your individual hearing profile will be created, which will form the basis of further hearing counseling.

Furthermore, on-site hearing and speech tests are performed free of charge as part of the hearing analysis and included in the consultation, so that there is also acoustically adapted to your hearing needs. As an additional aspect, the anatomy of your ears forms a criterion to consider in the selection process. Once your comprehensive hearing profile has been compiled, your hearing consultant will recommend hearing aids that match your requirements, needs and price expectations. Of course, in the end, you are the selector who decides which device you would like to try out during the trial period.

How can you tell a good hearing consultation?

Hearing counseling alone does not guarantee the selection of hearing aids that are right for you. Rather, it depends on the professional and interpersonal qualities of the hearing consultant. The following qualities distinguish a good hearing consultant:

  • comprehensive professional competence.
  • interpersonal empathy
  • Honesty andTransparency regarding price and model ideas

    In addition, sufficient time should be taken for the examinations and discussions, in order to ultimately account for the necessary individuality and to be able to make appropriate suggestions regarding your choice of hearing aids.

    Hearing consultation - then what?

    After the hearing consultation, the trial wearing and the final choice of your new hearing aids follows the acclimatization. Here it is important to wear the hearing aids as much as possible to gradually record the desired hearing successes. If any problems, questions or the like arise during this process, do not hesitate to consult your hearing care professional. Not only can acoustical concerns be addressed, but cosmetic requests or improvements in wearing comfort can also come up.

    Consultation beyond hearing

    Your hearing advisor is also available to provide you with expert advice beyond the provision of hearing aids. On other topics related to hearing, accessories for your hearing aid, tinnitus, hearing protection, as well as dealing with hearing impairment in everyday life, you can get equally expert advice.

    Hearing consultation at MySecondEar

    In addition to excellent technical competence, professionalism and interpersonal sensitivity, the free hearing consultation at MySecondEar is particularly convincing due to its flexibility and transparency. Your benefits start with us even before your consultation appointment: Through our YouTube channel, you can get extensive information on all topics related to hearing, as well as on specific hearing aids, their features and prices. For the consultation itself, you have the choice to take advantage of a hearing consultation by phone to save yourself travel time and be completely location-independent. Alternatively, we welcome you to visit one of our specialist stores at any time.

    The biggest difference to traditional hearing care professionals, however, is complete transparency. MySecondEar offers you the opportunity to compare prices and features to find the best hearing solution for you personally. Transparency does not start just before you make a purchase, but from the start of your journey with us. Accordingly, some hearing aids can be excluded directly based on the price range you define, and you can use your time wisely to try out hearing aids that actually come into question!

    Book an appointment for a hearing consultation at MySecondEar

    You can easily book an appointment for a professional, telephone hearing consultation at MySecondEar online here. After making an appointment by phone (030 31193965) or mail (hallo@mysecondear.de), appointments can also be made on site.